Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fall Recap

 Fall is always so busy with back to school and teaching.  I find that September and October fly by as I am setting up my classroom, and launching the year.  Here I am getting ready for Hallowe'en as a "Word Wall".  I am W!

 Bruno graduated from Elementary School, and now both boys are in High School.  Very hard to get my head around having two teenage sons!  It has been lots of fun and the boys are great!

Putting together our Dodecahedrons in class... the students made these great three dimensional structures about themselves. It was challenging to put together.

Finally, a very serious Penguin and a Panda for Hallowe'en....

Teenage Boys and Taking Pictures and a Return to Blogging

 A year since I've posted because the boys are getting older and I am not sure of their presence on social media.  Do I continue posting pictures? Although I enjoy sharing with family and friends, I am not sure they are convinced... 

It was fun trying to get a few photos for our annual Christmas Card.


Thursday, August 06, 2015

Swimming Lessons and Football at the Beach

It has been beautiful all summer, except for a few days of rain.  It is nice to see the clouds and a bit of water to fill the reservoirs.

Plus a little Thai food for fun! Kin Kao Thai Kitchen is the best!

Always fun to play touch football at the beach...

Bruno at the Beach..avoiding the camera!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Our Kitchen

Although we did a house renovation last summer, I have never taken finished pictures of our kitchen.  Why?  In the fall, directly after the reno, Max started high school, I started a new job, and my mom was quite ill.  September began and it didn't stop being crazy until June.  Above, is our induction stove and our oven, both by Miele.

Open shelving above the sink.  Although this is very trendy right now, we love how we can easily access our daily use items.

 We moved the sink to under the sky lights windows, which are not visible in this picture. 

 We wanted white and simple.  Our kitchen is small, so we wanted it to seem larger; thus we didn't use pulls on the cabinets.  We went with high gloss white cabinets.  The counter is Corian.  We had a small minimal hood fan as well, keeping in line with the smaller nature of our space.

 Windows in the corner.

Partial view of the skylights above.

 We moved the fridge to the opposite wall and had it built in. 

 Looking into the dining room area where the counter wraps around and extends down the back wall.

Simple white tiles.

 Microwave undermounted below the counter.

 Pull out corner shelves.

A view from the dining room table.  Cabinets above with dishes, cookbooks, and glasses.  We love our kitchen and how modern it feels.  

A Visit to UBC

The boys and I visited UBC this week, as I wanted to show them the new Student Union Building (SUB), or "The Nest" as it is now called.  The SUB is a 1970's building that is dark, depressing, and very dated.  The new Student Building is beautiful.

 The new entrance to The Pit PUB.... I didn't go inside to see whether or not it had changed, but the entrance is ultra modern.

 This is the new Alumni Centre.   It is smack in the middle of the campus, where the bus loop used to be (for those of us who were at UBC in the 80's!)  It is also modern and beautiful!  I wondered why it was in the middle of the campus and how often it would be used....think alumni.  However, very impressive building. 

 Bruno with his 10 dollar protein shake, with the Alumni building behind.  Made me think of when I was at UBC:  struggling student, backpack, and everything being relatively low key.  It was the late 80's, early 90's.  Seems like a different campus and a different world.

Max:  thinking about the future?  Max took his pre-lifeguard courses through a camp up at Simon Fraser University this summer.  Thought it would be great to show him another campus.  In terms of infrastructure, SFU is completely depressing in contrast to UBC.  However, it is the faculty that are important, not the shiny new buildings.  Yet, you want your child to be inspired by where they attend.  So, UBC is definitely on the list - wonder if it will be a possibility in 4 more years?

Inside The Nest, or new student building.  It reminded me of the Vancouver Airport for some reason.  Lots of light, space, concrete and wood.  I loved these huge concrete stairs the boys are sitting on.

Looking up at the nest?  We didn't find out what was inside this structure.  Very interesting!

Different levels of the building.  Wonderful windows.

I think I want to go back to university.  

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 2015

School is nearly over!  Max finished Grade 8 at Notre Dame and Bruno has two weeks left for Grade 6 at St. Francis of Assisi Elementary. 

Both boys are ready for a relaxing summer!